Foot Line and its importance in the setup position. Have you ever paid attention to your foot line at address in your stance during your putts? Do you understand what can take place with a stance that's aimed to left, right , closed and or open? Well.... What i'm seeing often during putting lessons, is too many golfers setting up the foot line too far left, or right in what would be parallel or square to the target line. This can cause many issues through impact resulting in pulls and pushed putts. I want to simplify what can happen when the foot line isn't square to the target line. When a foot line becomes too far left, most likely a player will tend to pull the ball on a path parallel with the foot line. When a foot line is aimed too far to the right, a player can push a putt parallel with their foot line. What we want is the foot line to be parallel to the line or hole we intend to hit the putt to. If a player isn't setup square or parallel to the correct line in which they want to start the putt, who knows what could go wrong. Pushes and or pulls can take place along that misaligned path. In edition to problematic path concerns (in the foot line), sometimes a golfer will manipulate their path of stroke to counter act for their foot line. (Overcompensation can take place in where you set right with your foot line and over compensate pulling the putt left of the hole and vice versa). Long term this will drive you nuts. Especially on the shorties. So... Make sure you practice getting the foot line square and parallel to your intended target line or hole location and work at keeping the hands and arms working with the correct aligned body. Proper aligned setup especially with the foot line is paramount. This is the natural geometry and physics in keeping the putter face square to its intended line being that all other areas ( the shoulder line, arms and grip ) are in order. What you can do? Practice this hitting 50/100 putts from a distance of 5 to 10 feet so that you naturally gravitate your body to set up square and or parallel to the intended target line. I promise you, you'll be more successful and start more putts on the correct line, when the foot line is in order from the starting foundation at set up. Keep on strong players! - James Jordan
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  • “After winning the putting contest at our charity event, James gave a few pointers out to some of us on the practice green. The tips were very helpful and he sure is a passionate young man!”
    – Bob Miller
    Los Angeles Kings Announcer
  • “It’s been more than an improvement in swing and fundamentals with James. Since we met (2011) he’s inspired me to set goals, visualize and enjoy the game of Golf. I’m learning to grow emotionally, technically and mentally more by the work I’ve done with him than any other”
    – Aaron Lee
    Collegiate Golfer
  • “It’s always a good decision to see James before one of our Laker tournaments. He relates the tempo and feel of the golf swing “Like Shooting A Free Throw“ Nice and Smooth. Thanks for your help J”.
    – Elgin Baylor
    Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer
  • “On the professional level, visualization and belief is just as important as swing fundamentals. James has been a supporting and passionate light in my life, when it comes to the mental aspect of the golf game”.
    – Justin Itzen
    Canadian & Golden State Tour Professional
  • “I was lucky enough to meet James the day he shot a course record “61” at the Encino golf course. He had another friend he was helping that day, and was answering most my questions about the short game. He chipped in twice and seemed like he couldn’t miss a putt, so it was only right I bugged him! He really knows a great deal about the game”.
    – Charles Kim
  • “Thank you James! As much as Michelle’s father and I have taught her, you have built some mental confidence in her as she starts her AJGA Golf journey. We appreciate you and what you’ve taught Michelle swing wise and mentally”.
    – Mischa Jung
  • “I’ve met James A few times at my charity clinics. People seem to be just as fascinated with his teachings as they are with me hitting the long ball”.
    – Vincent Ciurluini
    Long Drive Champion & T.V. Personality.
  • “James Has inspired many players of all levels (including myself) to work hard at improving their game. Teaching young and old, neophytes and seniors how to play the game of golf with a zeal and circumspection few purely golf teachers dare to parse. James' approach blends the refined methods of physical strength, fitness, rigid but sensible diet and the power of inner focus to achieve the "way of the Tiger," referencing Wood's brilliance on the course. "After all his [Tiger's] achievements never were taken lightly or casually assumed to be a given. To get to the top, you need to think like a champion," Jordan offers. He matches his reflection with measured optimism philosophically.”
    – Dr. Jimmy Jordan
    PGA Professional 1990-2010
  • "Thank you James for working so patiently with us and introducing us to the basics of Golf. We truly enjoyed your help golfing on season 4 of our show!"
    – Joyce & Kyle Richards
    "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"
  • “When I came to James, I was trying to teach myself “stack and tilt” and self diagnose. I found that many of my fundamentals and self diagnostics we’re hurting my swing and golf performance. One day at the range, James noticed the challenges and offered to assist in bettering my swing. The changes that night were immediately effective and we began the process of a weekly meeting in bettering my swing. He has immensely improved my swing and thought process along the way”
    – Angelo Palumbo
    Licensed Fitness Instructor


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